L.T.H locs

We have two aims at L.T.H locs.

The first aim is to ensure that each customer gets an excellent experience with us and comes away satisfied.

The second aim is to help all its customers achieve longer, thicker hair by

  • Installing or Starting new locs

  • Ensuring that no hair pulling occurs

  • Advising custiomer on the best way to look after their hair.

  • Working with the client to improve their diet which directly affects hair growth. 

L.T.H locs specialises in Sisterlocks™, Braidlocks and microlocs. We have both adults and children customers. We are especially good working with children. There will be no tears of pain or grimaces of pain at L.T.H locs.

We are based in Croydon Surrey but can take on customers from the surrounding areas of Surrey, Kent and London.

Who am I?

My name is Miriam Sebuwufu and I have been a loctitian for 4 years and 2 months now. I actually trained to do sisterlocks 4 years ago and I learnt how to do braidlocks by watching media on YouTube as well as get a bit of training from another sisterlock trainee. I have a number of customers including adults and children. I have started braidlocks for 3 children now (2yrs, 3yrs, 4 yrs) and I retighten their hair. I am good at working with children because I am patient and I am able to do their hair with minimal to no pain. All my life my hair was very unmanageable with sensitive scalp so all I felt was pain during any manipluation of hair. And due to this experience I have learnt to do hair with no pain at all and this is the same as adults. It is actually an unconscious way of working for me and most of my customers will tell you that they never think I am doing their hair because they do not feel me tagging at their hair. And a fair amount of them have been known to fall asleep as I do their hair.

When it all began....

I found out about Sisterlocks™ and braidlocks 4 years ago after suddenly realising that my sister had sisterlocks ( she'd had them for 5 years!!) I then decided to take the course as way of supplementing my income. One year later I quit my job and decided to become self employed and be a loctitian full time. I love starting new locks in my customers and I enjoy being a part of their journey as their locs grow and mature. I enjoy the transformation the hair goes through and it never fails to amaze me how beautiful a person looks with the locs. I myself have braidlocks. I was tentative about locking my hair... Will it suit me? How will I look? What if I want to take it out? All these questions went through my mind. I can say that it is a decision I have not regretted, in fact I wish I knew about it 10 years ago. I feel it is the best decision for my hair and my daughter as a result also had her hair locked at 3 years of age.


What I do.....

I specialise in sisterlocks (installation and retightening) , braidlocks ( start up and retghtening) and microlocs (start up and interlocking only).

I install sisterlocks and braidlocks in chidren (from age 4) to adults.

I have a sensitive hand and do not pull hair. I believe pulling hair can lead to hair breakage which overtime can contribute to thinning hair and hair breakage. My customers will tell you that I do not pull and am concious of the fact. I am very accurate in retightening hair and even when the hair seems to mesh together I am able to separate it and return it to previous look of locks.once the hair is done you can run your hair through your locks easily.

Why Locs?

  • You get to grow your hair longer than you've ever done before.

  • No chemicals to do the hair

  • Hair growth can be done every 4 to 6 weeks 

  • Locs are easy to maintain especially for children, 

  • You can just wash and go,

  • No need for creams , oils and pomades.

  • If your hair is dry, over time the scalp stops being so dry

  • No need to cover your hair on a wet day... no frizz to worry about.

  • you can still tong the hair or blow dry it if you wish

  • It can be styled exactly as unlocked hair. The grid enables this.

  • The longer you have the locks, the better they look.

  • You can cut your hair ina style once the locs have settled.

Hair Length Stories


I have had my braidlocks for 4 years. They were started in March 2012 and until July 2016 it had grown to my shoulder blades. That is the longest my hair has grown in my life. I have thick hair which at its longest grew to the top of my shoulders. Although wanting some change, I have now trimmed it in a long bob which is just past my chin and I love it.

On the home page, the lady with the long hair to her back has had her hair for  10 years. Before sisterlocks, her hair grew to an inch past her shoulders. now she has the unbelievably long hair which admittedly is my aim eventually.



As you can see, our hair has grown the lengths you see due to locs. And the strange thing is that once you remove the locs, even if you hair stays as long, it eventually breaks to return to ur original length. 

So come on , take a chance on locs, get them done.